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Display Web Image Content in Forms using Dynamics AX2012

Case Study: In this demo scenario, we are going to display Web Image Content on forms using Dynamics AX2012. For this demo, I have taken a clue from my exisiting colleague Sreenath Reddy (Thanks Sreenath) to build a web image content.


Source Code

The web image content are read using StreamReader class and set into the X++ form. Using the above code snippet you can populate the external image which is required there by not actually requiring to store in local drives.

Note: Any external URL (HTML source code) needs to be read by textBuffer class and according fill the image content)
Please give a try to this wonderful application which is built on AX2012 🙂 Happy Streaming data using AX2012 🙂

Download Source code link: SharedProject_AX_WebImageContent

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