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Multiple XPO Import Version – 2

Hi folks ;),

There was a major issue in the version 1 of the Multiple XPO Import tool. Each time when a multiple XPO’s are imported, a confirmation dialog keeps popping up for all the existing elements. This behavior seems to be very annoying to the users.

Now the code design pattern is slightly modified. When an import is performed all the objects are imported SILENTLY without confirmation dialog show up to users even for existing elements.

Note: Please use at your own risk when trying on Production environment

If you still wanted to get confirmation dialog for existing element please use the Version – 1 link:

I have a made minor changes w.r.t existing version.

   1) No Email support.
       Instead, once the objects are imported the log file is opened automatically.

   2) The log report shows the Imported User & User Preferred Time zone.

In the vNext – 3, I shall be adding new feature like:

    1) Adding the imported object to the Project at run-time so that user can track the imported objects based on the time.

Download Link @ Version: 2

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Form Size Exceeds the Maximum Pixel in Dynamics AX

January 22, 2011 2 comments

One of my colleague had a strange warning as stated below in the screenshot.

In order to find the root cause of the issue I designed a form named FormPixelExceeds with Datasource as “Invent Table”.

In the Design – Grid property instead of having Width, Height set to ‘Auto’, we changed the values of fixed width and height value.

When the compiler level was set to 4 it started throwing BP warning stating:
The form size exceeds the maximum of 1280 * 924 pixels. Current size 1296 * 940 (1.25\% * 1.73\%).

In order to fix it we had to reduce the form pixel width & height (i.e. Width: 1000, Height: 650) instead of setting to mentioned value in the screenshot. So any developers reading this article should make sure the form should not exceed the predefined pixel else it would result in BP warning.

There is no hard and fast rule that developer need to assign values to Width, Height instead set those properties to accomodate Column Width/Column Height such that the form does’nt take too much of space on the screen. Hope this piece of information was useful…

Lets welcome AX2012 🙂 in the year 2011 😛

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Happy New Year – 2011

January 2, 2011 2 comments
Santosh Ramamurthy

New Year Greetings

I wish all my blog readers a happy and properous new year 2011 🙂 Hope to continue blogging on new stuffs and latest upcoming in AX (Dynamics AX WILL rock with AX6 release in 2011…… 🙂 😉 😛

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