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Multiple XPO Import Tool for Dynamics AX

I have developed a tool for importing multiple XPO’s using single instance as there is a limitation for now in AX since it allows only single object importing.The sneak peak of the tool which I have developed:

I have attached documentation, on how to use this tool. Like any tool this has its own limitation which will be explained in the document.


• It can import multiple XPO’s from multiple sub-folders
• Rich HTML output log which will provide the objects which are successfully imported.
• Provides email facility to send the imported log.
• It can import objects from n number of folders.

Example: In the below example I have XPO’s for tables, maps, views, classes, references and few jobs.

All XPO’s except jobs (These are stored in parent folder AX_XPO) are stored in their respective folder structures (as shown).

When using the Multiple XPO Import tool if the parent folder is specified then the tool imports all the XPO into AX based on wildcard operation made on XPO and all objects will be imported accordingly.


• Once imported please make sure you compile the imported objects.

Alternatively you can download the XPO from the following location

Documentation Location

XPO Location

Note: Please use at your own risk when trying on Production environment

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  1. November 10, 2010 at 11:40 am

    Informative … it should be quite useful for Ax users – specially developers who often import multiple XPOs.. thanks…

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