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Usage of “Match” Keyword in Dynamics AX

I was trying to match a word based on a wild card expression in AX and found an interesting keyword


           int match (str pattern, str text)


Match Searches for a string or expression within another string. It compares the fixed expression specified by pattern with the text string specified by text.

Note: The system does not differentiate between lower and upper case. The following special characters can be used to create the pattern in the fixed expression.


Here is the sample example illustrated.

static void matchFunction()


    //An expression followed by an asterisk requires a match for none, one, or more occurrences of the preceding expression.


    SysDictClass        sysDictClass;

    Set                 setList;

    SetEnumerator       setEnum;

    str                 methodName;

    TextBuffer          text;



    // Object Initialization

    sysDictClass     = new SysDictClass(classnum(Info));

    setList          = new Set(Types::String);

    text             = new TextBuffer();


    setList = sysDictClass.objectMethodSet(true);

    setEnum = setList.getEnumerator();


    while (setEnum.moveNext())


        if(match(#matchKeyword, setEnum.current()))


            methodName = strrem(setEnum.current(), ‘["]’);

            text.appendText(methodName + ‘\n’);




    text.toFile(@’C:\MethodNames.xls’, FileEncoding::UTF8);



To know more about the usage of match keyword please refer


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  1. Anitha
    May 31, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    As always, this entry is useful … Keep blogging 🙂

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