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Run-Time Cache Error in AIF


When importing xML’s into Dynamics AX, I came across a strange error “Cannot create a record. The record already exists in AIF run time cache”.


When I browsed the table, I found a record with the Axd Class name as Key value and a value mapped to it.

I was baffled when I encountered the error and was wondering how actually this table is getting updated when importing the xML. Though the record is deleted from the table, the same error occurs when the import happens and thus the table is updated again.

Then found out the cause for this updation Smile

Under Basic -> Setup-> AIF -> Global Setting -> Uncheck “Enable Runtime Caching”. When this is unchecked, the data is not updated in “AIFRuntime Cache” Table.


Response cache lifetime (hours)  

Enter the time in hours that message responses are cached.

The default value is 24 hours. Message responses are only cached for service operations that have idempotency enabled.

So if the service operations which has EnabledIdempotence set to "Yes" & Caching is enabled on AIF Global setting then the runtime cache error would be observed in AIF.

To know more about Idempotence(Configure idempotency) please refer the following link:


Now you cache this data Wink in your mind and not in AX…………………..

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  1. Anitha
    February 17, 2010 at 5:23 pm

    This entry of urs is of timely help for me as I was puzzled when I faced similar error.Thanks for sharing Santosh..

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