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Editor Scripts – New Addins


I have developed few interesting add-ins for Dynamics AX as a part of my project requirement. This tool would be useful especially for AX Developers.

The tool is basically an extension in the Editor scripts class.

ShowSysFuntions:  It is used to show details of sysFunction in Microsoft Dynamics AX. In order to know significance of a particular function the developer needs to traverse through SysDocumentation\Functions each time. Functions help is displayed in a help browser just like the in-built functions in Dynamics AX.


SysFunction Sneak Peak Video:




 The second Editor Script is using the SysDictClass methods

a) Extend

b) Extended By


Extend:  Provides the ID for the class that a specified class extends.


ExtendedBy:  Provides a List Class object for the classes that extend a specified class.


Example: Take SalesFormLetter_Invoice class. It gives list which gets inherited from these classes.


Example: Take the same SalesFormLetter_Invoice class. It would provide details of the child class which is extending this class.


 The project can be    in the following link


Happy AX ScriptingParty


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  1. Anitha
    May 18, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Awesome Santosh!!!! This article is really informative 🙂

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