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Generating XML for Excel import – via Definition Group


As a business partner you may require different ways of sending records as xML outside AX. Here is one such customization, which was done in the Excel Definition group to outbound an xML when record is inserted into the table.


We have used the existing logic present in AIF to publish the records when Excel records are imported through Definition group. Please find the detailed procedure on the same.


1) Create new Definition group <<Eg. COA>> of type “Excel”

2) Specify the Default file name from where the excel records needs to be imported.

3) Click on Table setup and specify the name of table for which it needs to import.

     <<Here i have choosen "LedgerTable" to import records.>>

4) Set the "Import Status" to "Import"

5) Specify the path from the where the excel need to pick the file.

     Link: http://cid-264a0056cbcbb1d3.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/.Public/Tst.xls

     Here you can find the sample Excel file which i have created for my customization.

6) Under Import criteria of the Table setup form.

     Logic which was implement in Ledger Table in order to support outbound operation when excel import is performed is shown below.


 Before Excel import is perform make sure that basic AIF setup is done for DynamicsAX 2009. Later you’ll observe a record in the queue Manager. Just run the AIF Inbound job and record will be sent out.


HurrayParty a new means of data exchange using definition group.


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