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Posting Issue in FreeText Invoice with same Item sales tax group on AX2009.


When free text invoice is created via AIF with the same “Item sales tax group” and later try to post the free text invoice the following error message is encountered….


Sample xML:


                        <? xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

                        <CustInvoice xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/dynamics/2008/01/documents/CustInvoice"&gt;

                                 <CustInvoiceTable class="entity">





                                               <CustInvoiceLine class="entity">


                                                         <Description>Line 1</Description>




                                               <CustInvoiceLine class="entity">


                                                         <Description>Line 2</Description>








These error is observed because the Line num is never incremented and is always zero for all invoice lines.


Screenshot showing the LineNum à 0


The solution provided  to fix the issue  is similar  to the  logic implemented in AxSalesLine class , SalesLine table.


Changes which needs to be incorporated are….


\Data Dictionary\Tables\CustInvoiceLine:

Create new method:

static LineNum lastLineNum (CustInvoiceTableRefRecId custInvoiceTableRefRecId)


    return (select maxof (LineNum) from CustInvoiceLine

                index hint ParentRecIdIdx

                where CustInvoiceLine.ParentRecId == custInvoiceTableRefRecId).LineNum;



Classes\ AxCustInvoiceLine

ClassDeclaration: Initialize the EDT LineNum


SetlineNum:  Add the following logic

                this.setParentRecId ();

                if (this.isFieldSet(fieldnum(CustInvoiceLine, ParentRecId)))




                                lineNum = CustInvoiceLine::lastLineNum (this.parmParentRecId());


                lineNum += 1;

                this.parmLineNum (lineNum);


Over-ride the end method () in the AxCustInvoiceLine. After super () call initialize the lineNum = 0. Now try posting the free text invoice which was created via AIF. With the follwing code the LineNum is incremented as a result the free text invoice is posted  successfully.


Hope this article is useful Smile


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