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Suppressing Infolog message in Dynamics AX2009


This article is posted based on the requirement,  we had an issue of executing AX report which would always result in an infolog stating as "The Report is scaled  88% to fit to page." 

When going through certain articles in the google, the generic way given to supress an infolog was by calling this.printJobSettings().suppressScalingMessage(true) at init method of report after super() call in SysReportRun/runReport class. But to my requirement it actually didn’t work in AX009. So i tried in a different manner.


Here is the  ways by which we can force the client report to suppress the infolog after report is executed  

1) In the init method of the <<Report>> after super call use the following code


2) Setting the ReportDesign properties "FitToPage" to "No".

    By the above option there is no need of any addition code in the init() nethod of the report.


I’m not sure why element.printJobSettings().suppressScalingMessage(true) doesn’t work in the first place when call through init method of the <<Report>> after super. Any how i hope to do further research and will find the exact reason behind this issue.


…………………………………..Auto (will be continued)

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  1. Roland
    September 22, 2009 at 12:33 am

    Here\’s a global way to suppress this annoying message:Place this.printJobSettings().clientPrintJobSettings().suppressScalingMessage(true);after the the super() call in the overwritten init() method of the SysReportRun class.

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