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Customize your Own sysPickListForm


Here is a small job which will explain how to add a map object to the sysPickList form. After executing the job you’ll observe something like this




static void SysPickList_Map(Args _args)


    Map     s = new Map(Types::Integer, Types::String);

    Object  formRun;



    //Add values to the set

    s.insert(1, ‘Santosh.R’);

    s.insert(2, ‘Chaitanya G.S.S’);

    s.insert(3, ‘Sampath.B’);

    s.insert(4, ‘Madan.T’);

    s.insert(5, ‘Chaitanya.P’);

    s.insert(6, ‘Veeresh.J’);

    s.insert(7, ‘Naveen’);


    _args = new Args(formstr(SysPick));



    formRun = classfactory.formRunClass(_args);



    // Returns the sysPick Caption.

    formRun.setCaption(‘Set PickList’);




For any further reference try to research the Global class & function in AX which explains how can the sysPick be used.



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