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G S in Dynamics AX

I would like to thank my friend Bhasker Singh for his valuable inputs on Data crawler in AX.


Are you wondering what does G S refer to…?

Is it Google Search (or) Global Search in Dynamics AX?

Well name, as you like because the first thing that comes to your mind when you read “GOOGLE” is? Everyone would have guessed it correctly. Yes it’s Searching.

Dynamics AX has one such feature integrated onto it. Any required information can be search quickly.



The Dynamics AX Data Crawler indexes business data stored in the Dynamics AX database. The common name given to it is Global Search. The data crawler is a simple indexing engine completely implemented in X++ for the purpose of creating a searchable index of selected tables in the Application. Dynamics Ax Global Search is a feature added to the task pane in Dynamics Ax 4.0. It enables users to search for information without specifying the table and field as opposed to conventional search. The Global Search Task Pane could be brought up by pressing the shortcut key Ctrl + F.



The Data crawler is configured and executed from the Dynamics AX client by clicking

Basic à Setup à Data Crawler

The two components relevant to this feature are as follows:

ü      Table Setup

ü      Data Crawler Setup


1. Table Setup

This form is found at the main menu Basic > Setup > Data Crawler > Table Setup. This is where you specify the table, which you would like to search within Dynamics Ax.

The following figures show the Table Setup form.
 The Incremental checkbox you find on Overview tab indicates that indexing would be done for newly modified record only. This is only applicable for tables with modified date field. It is automatically checked if the table has the field. You are not given an option to check or uncheck this field.
2. Data Crawler Setup

The Data crawler is configured and executed from the Dynamics AX client in Basic > Setup > Data Crawler > Data Crawler. The following figure shows the Data Crawler Setup form.


Message ”The search indexing engine is not started” is displayed until crawler is not started. If crawler is not started then searching of records in Dynamics AX isn’t possible.


Run in Background:

If this option is not checked then it will lock the client and we must have to start another client in order to check the status or to stop the crawler. It is possible to start the crawler in a separate thread on the AOS, so the crawler will index in the background and the Axapta client will be able to continue with other tasks.

                                                By setting the data crawler to "run in the background" it will allocate a thread to look for the table changes needed and not lock the client.


Start Crawler Automatically:

Setting the "Start Crawler Automatically" will allow the search index creation to happen on a user log in without manually clicking the "Start Search" button achieving the required business impact statement of "records inserted should be searched by other users.” It is recommended always to set the "Start Crawler Automatically" setting and monitor the system.


Crawler Speed:

By reading the name itself you can understand at what speed the crawler need to index the existing/newly created records on the server.

Note: A higher speed means a greater load on the server, which can affect performance.



One of the concerns in Data crawler is, if crawler tab shows “Inactive” then any newly inserted/deleted records is not indexed thereby the records are not searchable.


“Inactive” state in crawler tab is because if any record inserted/deleted the DaemonClockInTime needs to be updated to timenow (). If the thread stops processing any new record then the difference b/w (timenow () – this. DaemonClockInTime > 600)). Due to which the status turns “Inactive.” Thereby it cannot search any records that are newly created/deleted in Dynamics AX.



1. Check the option "Start Crawler Automatically” This will ensure that the Crawler never turns to "Inactive.”


2. However even with option (1) handled, if AOS is restarted, Data Crawler will turn “Inactive” after 600 secs.

                                    Hence whenever AOS is restarted, make sure that "Data crawler" is stopped and restarted so that any new records inserted/deleted will be indexed and would be searchable.


Indexing is Dynamics AX is so faster that even 1000 records can be searched in less than 1 min. Shown below is the indexed records.

img74/5112/53379554jg5.jpgJJJHappy Global searching in Dynamics AX JJJ

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