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X++ Compiler – Dynamics Ax

Hi GuyzzzzzzRed heart


I’m back. Sorry for not updating my blog from the last 3 months…. I was very busy with AX2009 development work.

Anyways today i am going to explain how can we compile an object in AX with using the option from the SysContextMenu.


i.e. User doesn’t need to select the class and externally do a compile Forward on it.

Various classes, which are available in AX for compiling objects, are as follows:



SysCompileAll and so on…………………………………..


Let me explain you with a simple Job in AX

static void CompileForward (Args _args)


              // Any class, which is compileForward in AX, this class is responsible

              // SysCompilerOutput extends the xCompileOutput (Which is the system class)           

             SysCompilerOutput          sysCompilerOutput;


             // The return type of the sysCompilerOutput is the classId;


             // "Class1” is the name of the class, which needs to be compiledForward           



Similarly if you want any object to "compile" in AX. Try using the method "compile" from "SysCompileAll" class.


Happy Learning…………

Your next doubts in AX is my new entry in X++ stuffs

So keep doubtingggggWink

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